Astcote chapel is situated in a village about 3 miles from Towcester and about 7 miles from the centre of Northampton.  It is part of a group of 4 small villages all interlinked by history and geography.

Although small in number its congregation is large in heart and devotion to the work of God in the wider community.  Alongside its some 15 members it has at least that many adherents who join the weekly morning service and house groups.  We also have a small yet very active core of young people who astound us all in their commitment to the Lord and His work.

In addition to this, many members are active in the work of bringing the word and work of God to the local primary school in the form of an after school club and weekly assemblies.  We offer a monthly alternative to worship in our building by transferring the service to the local primary school where we are joined not only by the local Anglican congregation but by others from  the villages who see this services as the most comfortable form of worship.  Messy Church was held in February and was a great success.  More sessions are planned for later in the year. This will augment our twice yearly workshops for primary children at Christmas and Easter and hopefully will bring their parents closer to the fold.

For the ladies of the area a monthly lunch at which a speaker completes the short time of fellowship.  Also once a month lunch is served to our senior members of the community.  We trust that we shall continue to grow in faith, outreach and support for each other.